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Have you ever tried to journal? We have too. Do you still journal consistently? Probably not - and you aren’t alone. The world has never been more depressed, and journaling has always been a proven solution, but it’s hard: input friction remains too high with incomplete habit loops leading to low reward. We're building the world's first intelligent journal to provide millions of Millennials and GenZ access to self-directed therapy to live happier and more meaningful lives.


We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our founding team! As Engineer #1, you’ll be responsible for the entire technical foundation of the company and writing our first lines of code. If you've always wanted to pick your own stack and build your own dream team while working at a mission-driven company, this is the role for you 💙


  • Build the app.
  • Make sure it doesn’t break.
  • Hire your dream team :)


  • Salary: USD$100k+, depending on experience.
  • Equity: Honestly, it’s entirely dependent on you. The range starts at 1.5% and we’re completely open minded depending on your experience.


  • As a human being 🧠
    • You’re not an asshole.
    • You like to build and iterate.
    • You’re a self-starter and like to be empowered.

  • As an engineer 💻
    • 4+ years experience writing 1’s and 0’s.
    • Experience with building server-side API’s and client-side web/mobile apps.
    • A mindset of building quality software (TDD, unit testing, system testing).
    • Experience architecting, debugging and refactoring production systems. 
    • Curiosity into understanding modern ML architectures (bonus/plus).
    • The ability to get scrappy and build quickly, while also planning for the future and ensuring our decisions will scale and minimize future technical debt.

Why work at Perspective?

  • This is meaningful.
    • We’re not building another simple widget.
    • The market is really big (>1B people).
    • Your work will matter. We’re making mental wellness accessible.

  • We’ve de-risked a few things.
    • We’re funded by great investors who believe in the mission.
    • We’re an experienced founding team (we have built & sold successful companies before).
    • We’ve done our research and market validation first.
    • This is the right time for this business to exist.

  • The perks are not so bad, too 😎
    • As part of our founding team, your equity will matter.
    • We care about your health and balance. We expect you to grind, but you need to take time off to recharge (unlimited vacation).
    • Low-ego team. You’ll be treated with respect.
    • We hate Jira, just like you. ;)
    • Fully remote organization. Never put pants on again.

Interested? Let’s talk.

  • Email and tell us if you think pineapple belongs on pizza.

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