Senior Software Developer with Ops Focus

 4 months ago

Headquarters: Remote

OwnerRez is seeking full stack software engineers proficient in C#, ASP.NET MVC, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with considerable operations experience for positions as a Senior Software Developer. Oh, by the way - you can live anywhere (within USA timezones) and we have great benefits.

Responsibilities and Duties

We’re a small, agileish team -- we follow no specific methodology, but focus on short iterations and continuous improvement. As a virtual company, all OwnerRez employees work from home, which can be anywhere with a reliable Internet connection and good working environment.

As a senior engineer with operational focus, your primary responsibility will be to design and develop features end to end -- from web UI to backend business logic, services, and the database. You'll also be part of the on-call rotation: monitoring our infrastructure and addressing any system failures and for researching and answering complex customer tickets.  You'll contribute to the adoption of best operational practices and infrastructure design as a key member of our cross-functional engineering team.

Required Qualifications
  • Microsoft Stack: C#, ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI 
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery 
  • Database Technologies: MySQL, Redis 
  • AWS: EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, CloudFront, to name a few 
  • Applicants must be courteous, friendly and professional, with excellent written and oral communication skills. 
  • A high-speed Internet connection and quiet, private place to work is required. (Within USA timezones) 

Nice To Have
  • eCommerce (Stripe, etc.) 
  • Dapper/AutoMapper/JSON.NET 
  • Email sending and API’s 
  • Twilio
  • Sphinx/Manticore/ElasticSearch 
  • QuickBooks Online API/Xero API 
  • Experience with OwnerRez or property rental systems is preferred but not required. (Applicants will receive training as necessary.) 
  • Octopus Deploy 
  • TeamCity 
  • Honeycomb 
  • PagerDuty

Will I fit in well? Yes, if… 
  • You’re highly skilled in software development and can first put on your analyst hat and scope the problem, come up with a solution, and then write the code to implement it. You know what a Fizz...Buzz… is and you could code it in your sleep. We’re looking for 10 years of programming experience in general, and 5 years of experience in the technologies we use.
  • You’ve been responsible for the ops side of projects before (whether small or large) and are comfortable with on-call responsibilities and deployments. During your on-call shift, you'll be preparing and deploying releases and hotfixes, responding to alerts, monitoring errors, logs, statuses, and researching and fixing any errors or issues that occur.
  • You’re used to working with customers and analyzing requirements and you realize that what users ask for is often not what they need. Maybe you’ve worked for a small consulting outfit in a past life.
  • You obsess over details and think through the implications of code you write -- does it accomplish the job now but also will it be maintainable later, will 2 years from now you be able to figure out what you did previously, and will it continue to perform as we grow and experience more users and more data.
  • You are familiar with design, layout, and CSS. You’re not a designer yourself but you have an attention to detail and can tighten up a pixel out of place here and there even if it’s not defined in the requirements.
  • You know what the N+1 queries problem is and how to rethink a problem to avoid it. You know the difference between a list and a dictionary and which option will perform best for a particular scenario. You know normalization, denormalization, and how to optimize a slow query. We’re not going to ask you to code a bubble sort or a linked list, but you should know how and why to pick the data structure and algorithm suited to the task at hand.
  • You have a working knowledge of web technologies from a low level to a high level. You don’t need to know every last bit and byte of an encoding scheme, but you should be able to describe what happens when a browser makes a request and the different protocols and formats used. 
  • You’re looking to improve your skills and work within a tight-knit team, but you’re not distracted by the latest shiny new Javascript framework. We believe in the Majestic Monolith and Choosing Boring Technology. We like checking out the new hotness as much as any other group of tech nerds but factor in risk and complexity when choosing which technologies to use.
  • You love solving problems. Whether it be debugging that arcane edge case bug that only happens when two unrelated areas intersect, hooking up a profiler and tracking down that runaway loop, or diagnosing a rare timeout, you know what tools to use and how to eliminate the possibilities until you find the source of a problem.
  • You love to write. The primary mode of interaction with colleagues is via written communication -- issues and tickets, requirements, and designs. We expect self-documenting code and believe that properly named and structured classes, methods, and variables can avoid a lot of comments. We also write high-level process documentation to tie everything together and help the team work cohesively in all areas of the code, rather than dividing it up into assigned areas.
  • You love doing things efficiently. The whole purpose of OwnerRez is to have a massive efficiency impact on our clients’ businesses, and we want our internal operations to be the same. We believe in systems and processes that let us scale our impact to be larger than ourselves. If something is manual and repetitive, something needs to be done to change that, which means communication is essential.
  • You love to set your own course. At OwnerRez, we keep meetings to a minimum because we need to spend our time making things happen. Most of the time, you get to make things happen yourself without someone saying so.
  • You are located within a USA timezone (or nearby), and are online during core business hours of 9am - 2pm Eastern (UTC-5) and 3pm on Thursdays.

  • $140 - 160k, pay commensurate with experience
  • Bonus for on-call weeks
  • Fully paid health benefits
  • Unlimited PTO policy, subject to team schedule and needs
  • 100% telework-from-home
  • Travel rare if ever, may do annual get-togethers

How To Apply

To apply, fill out our Senior Software Developer application form and upload a copy of your résumé. You'll also need to complete the testing here: Test for ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL, JS -- should take about half an hour.

Only applicants who live within a USA timezone (or nearby) will be accepted.  Must be online during business hours of 9am - 2pm Eastern (UTC-5) and 3pm on Thursdays.

You will be asked to interview if you pass the initial testing and résumé round. This will involve a video call and a live on-screen coding exercise with members of the OwnerRez engineering team, demonstrating competency with the technologies required. It may take a few weeks to assemble the final applicant list, so we appreciate your patience.

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