Customer Reliability Engineer

 Giant Swarm
 Cologne, Germany
 2 months ago

Headquarters: Cologne, Germany

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As we grow our customer base step by step but still want to provide the same service quality we re-structured our Solution Engineering department and are now looking for a Customer Reliability Engineer (m/f/d) to join us.
  • You ensure that customers have the correct technical resources and knowledge to be successful while using the Giant Swarms product. 
  • We are on a journey with our customers - You want to learn more? Check here
  • While having the best interest of our customers constantly in your mind you shield and by that enable your colleagues within GS to focus on what they do best - building an amazing product!
  • A superpower that might help? Being a horse whisperer towards our customers - what does that mean? According to the definition: You need to adopt a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the horse. And we couldn’t agree more with that apart from the fact that you deal with our customers instead of horses.
A little secret so we don't create too much confusion :) This job is internally called Account Engineer and we are currently trying out which title makes the most sense. That's why we will refer to it in the following as Account Engineer.

You think that sounds like something you could be interested in but you are not yet 100% convinced? Check what Oli (COO) thinks about the position and why we decided to split Solution Engineering into Account Engineering and  Solution Architecture on our Blog.

TLDR: Here’s what Ben our first Account Engineer would like to tell you:

We find out what the needful is, to find out how the needful can be delivered.

  • You have min 3+ years of experience in a technical support engineer role or a related position.
  • You have a good understanding of Kubernetes and the surrounding ecosystem.
  • You know how to handle push and pulls from all sides - you are the moderator between our teams and the customers 
  • While moderating you constantly participate in our SIG’s, Working Groups, and cross-functional teams - Huh? What are SIGs and WG? Check here
  • You know when it’s time to focus on the bigger picture and when it’s necessary to support our customers with detailed knowledge that you coordinate from within our team.
  • You are able to transfer technical problems and facts into written language targeting a specific audience.
  • We don't use "one size fits all" solutions - but that's not a problem for you as you always know what the best solution for each customer is.
  • We want you to feel happy as a clam at high water, but in this position, it helps if you sometimes feel bad when our customers are feeling the same - keep in mind you are their advocate in the team. 
  • Does that sound like a ticket solver? Hell no! We need someone who solves issues before they even come in as a ticket (remember the horse whisperer).
  • We (and our customers) are currently mostly distributed around Europe (around UTC), thus, your main timezone should be somewhere between -2UTC to +2UTC to ensure better communication.

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